Venturer | Sleek and lightweight EliteWin considered best deal

Sleek and lightweight EliteWin considered best deal

The popular digital publication, The Daily Mirror, released on May 17 2016 its top 10 affordable laptop deals.  Not surprisingly, the Venturer EliteWin was mentioned in the list. “Sleek and lightweight, The Venturer 2-in-1 notebook features a battery life of 8-hours and 32GB of memory making it ideal for both school and university students,” the author boasts. The affordable but capable EliteWin is an amazing value for those looking for laptop functionality with tablet portability.

The author also makes note of the durability of the EliteWin, making it a safe choice for the teenager in your home that’s looking for a reliable device to get school work done or browse their favorite social sites. Of course, adults will still find plenty of use with it, too. Look here to find out where you can pick up the affordable EliteWin.


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