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BravoWin S 10K Windows 2-in-1 Laptop

Stylish, New Tactile Soft Touch

The BravoWin S 10K has 1280×800 10.1 inch LCD Display and a stylish new build with a tactile soft touch feel exterior. With the new sleek soft touch, light weight design with soft curved edges, and long battery life, the BravoWin S 10K is ideal for work or entertainment on the go with up to 8 hours usage whilst travelling.

BravoWin S 10K is the ideal first computer for students heading to secondary school, college, university or even home use.


1280 x 800 Display






Intel Atom Processor

Stay Connected

Stay Flexible

Conveniently transform the 2-in-1 laptop into different mode.


Laptop Mode


Tablet Mode


Presentation Mode


Display Mode

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Customer Endorsements

 Better than Android

“I have only used Android products in the past so was first unsure if I would get on with a Microsoft Tablet however I am really happy to have changed. It was very easy to set up with all my exciting email accounts. When I used my old Android tablet I only used it for the internet and game apps, the fact that Venture has already got windows including word, excel and power point all ready set up I am finding I use this tablet for more useful things, even prefer it to my PC as to the fact it is portable. Love the key board and that while it is docked I still can use the touch screen to scroll and select items on the screen. Not keen on the scratch pad find it hard to use.”

Amazon UK Member ID: Stewart