Venturer Value & Quality

With high valuation of quality as always, Venturer strives to create brand value that exceeds the expectation of the users. Venturer is manufactured by Alco Holdings Limited, a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code : 328), which has more than 45 years of experience and knowledge in manufacturing.

Venturer always gives you true inspiration.

Venturer adopts smart manufacturing including state of the art of robots to ensure all products are made with highest standard of quality.

Venturer is manufactured by Alco Holdings Limited that has strategic partnership with Microsoft, Google and Intel.

Venturer has excellent design on the keyboard that makes typing as enjoyable.

Venturer can connect to many IoT devices that makes connectivity easy and convenient.

Venturer has various applications.
Venturer is the best companion in learning, and facilitate students in learning to pursue the future.

Venturer Mini Laptop has facilitated Assistive technology for disable people to use computer, for example Eye Control. Eye Control simply means using your eyes to control a computer. This is useful for people who are unable to use their hands due to Motor Neurone Disease, a stroke, head or spinal injury, Cerebral Palsy, Rett Syndrome, Locked-In syndrome etc.